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Personal Information

Born in Athens.
she joined the Greek National Gymnastics Association.She broke the national record in 100m block and high jump several times and received both national and international athletic recognition.
She studied Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Athens.
She speaks three languages: French, English and Spanish.

Professional Details

1984 to 1996: International Career in the Fashion Industry.
1996 to 2003: Publisher magazine with women and social issues.

  Political career
      2004 εώς 2007


MP for the A’ District of Athens with the New Democracy.             

  Member of Central Committee of the New Democracy.
  She was Deputy Head of Sector culture of New Democracy.
  State committee of Tourism and Health and Social Solidarity.
  She was Chairman of the Parliamentary Friendship Group, Greece - Korea.
  Member of the Friendship Groups with Romania, Jordan, Uzbekistan and France.

Associate's Administration Volunteerand non-governmental organizations. 

  Participated in the following committees:

Special Standing Committee on Equality and Human Rights.

Special Standing Committee on Environment Protection.

                                                                                                                                         Special Committee on Educational Affairs, which deals with issues of Culture, Education and Sport.

Mrs. Kountoura engages and develops a very strong social and philanthropic activity in Greece and abroad. She participates in numerous Non-Governmental-Organizations, such as UNICEF, “ΚΙΒΩΤΟΣ”, “Παναθηναϊκή” Women’s Association and the Pan-Hellenic Association of Volunteers against cancer. She contributes to several missions, celebrations and events, organized by these NGO’s and which serve the protection of human rights, as well as other social subjects.



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